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In order to avoid becoming lost in a false sense of security, risks must be relentlessly analyzed, prioritized and an operational framework for their effective management must be set. Analysis & Strategy

  • Sustainable Success Means Bringing Security Strategies in Line with Business Strategies

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Sports Organizations and Associations
  • In the End Sports Security Also Fulfills a Societal Protection Mandate

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Public Sector & NGOs
  • A Different Approach to Consulting: Security Consulting for GOs and NGOs

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Exposed Families
  • Effective Security Between Closeness and Distance

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About Us
  • Where Academics and Practitioners Sit at the Same Table

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Security Services

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Knowing and duplicating success patterns is not always sufficient. Added value through consulting services is always based on the combination of security
best practices with scientific expertise.


Intelligent consulting can always only be the first step. Effective management and control of deducted risks can only be achieved through the implementation of needs-oriented security solutions.


Securing Assets, Individuals & ReputationsWe Strengthen Your Immune System

Our art and aspiration is translating precise risk assessments into systems of preventative and corrective measures, which guarantee effective security. Concepts & Solutions

Personal Protection
  • Security Management Can Be Studied – When it Comes to Personal Protection it Is Knowledge Gained by Experience that Counts

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Concepts & Solutions
  • No Grand Story Telling – Only Assurance of Security

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Sphere of Operations
  • Professional Expertise and International Network

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24/7 Emergency Response

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