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The private sector offers realistic and less expensive answers to many dilemmas facing peace operations and empowers policy makers with new tools and more effective peacekeepers.
(Doug Brooks, ISOA President, 2006)

Recognized global risk reports declare extreme weather events, migration flows, natural catastrophes, terror attacks and cyber-attacks as the five main threats worldwide. This has resulted in enormous security requirements for both governmental organizations and non-governmental organizations as well as individual states and associated bodies. The demand for qualified consulting is increasing exponentially. In order to develop concrete measures for implementation, real security management assistance must be oriented towards real needs, not towards a schematic, standardized catalogue of measures.

Consulting Fields

  • Partial Privatization of Governmental Security Tasks

    As the trend of denationalization and reprivatization of security is evidently proceeding, the call for public-private partnerships is becoming louder. When talking about relevant areas, cooperation can only be a success if sovereign responsibility for guarantee, regulation and control is maintained and private security companies continue to further develop their company structures, leadership qualities and necessary expert knowledge.

    In the best interests of society, competent, independent organizational consulting and cross-sectoral professional experience should be utilized, particularly when it comes to the creation and development of so called “police private partnerships”.

  • Security Sector Reform

    Within the process of consolidation of sufficiently legitimate government structures, the reform and respective transformation of the security sector (SSR) is of central importance. Pragmatic approaches, which integrate all relevant stakeholders, their roles, defined areas of responsibility and corresponding activities, are required. We support governmental and non-governmental organizations on a bilateral or supranational level, by offering governance-related security consulting. From initial assessments, the evaluation of strategies and concepts to cooperating with stakeholders involved in the target country.

  • Restructuring Internal Security Organizations of Public Authorities

    Public authorities usually operate their own security organizations. Depending on sovereign mandates and confidentiality requirements, strict quality standards need to be applied. With the appropriate mindset and structured approach, we assess requirements, procedures and guidelines against recognized standards and best practices. What does the underlying risk profile look like? Where are critical security deficits? Can savings opportunities be increased? These are just some of the questions we shed light on during our auditing process. If there is a clear indication that optimization is required, we accompany you during all phases of the change process.

  • Travel Security Concepts for NGOs

    Due to the nature of its missions and assignments, non-governmental organizations are taken to the most remote and dangerous regions of the world. The legitimate sense of positiveness associated with good causes must not distract from the need for protecting assigned employees. Funding organizations consistently understate the provision of risk. We are here to help those helping on the ground - from country specific threat and individual hazard analysis, to elaborate security concepts, covering aspects such as education and training, country risk monitoring, personal protection, as well as evacuation and retrieval.