Protection and SecurityWe Strengthen Your Immune System

Protection and SecurityWe Strengthen Your Immune System

Intelligent consulting can only ever be the first step. Sustainable security success results from sound implementation solutions, which are appropriately tailored to an individual needs profile. Once a strategic operational framework has been put in place, we then support our clients with the creation and implementation of coherent prevention and reaction concepts.

Protecting Businesses

Developing corporate security from scratch or com-plement meaningfully where it appears to be necessary. We offer support when it comes to establishing essential protection measures in-house or replicated through a retained organization as an outsourcing component.

Preparedness & Response

Knowing, analyzing and strategically assessing risks. This is the precondition for setting an overreaching operational framework for the effective management of risk. A deducted security concept must also address the question of business continuity in an abnormal situation, including minimizing damage.

Sport Security

With regards to the perception of security and integrity in professional sport, critical tendencies are becoming evident on the side of players and spectators. This is not entirely unfounded. Intelligent concepts for more protection, trust and security in sport are required.

Personal Protection

When it comes to personal protection, image and reality are diametrically opposed. Gaining an understanding of the measures really suitable to provide effective personal security is better obtained by talking to experts - not at the cinema.

Information Services

“Actionable information” is one of the most crucial resources in order to obtain strategic opportunities and minimize relevant risks. Acting instead of reacting – this is what counts.


  • Companies

    Against the mainstream within the industry we don’t see ourselves as Corporate Security Consultants but as business consultants in a security context. This constitutes an apparently small but fundamental difference.

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  • Public Sector and NGOs

    The view that state actors don’t require private security consulting is long outdated. It is an expression of strength and responsibility to get onboard and get the best from both sides, particularly when public assets and funds are concerned.

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  • Sports Organizations & Associations

    Sport stands for ethical and humanistic values and in this regard has a high signal effect and an exemplary function. Defending these ideals against terror, corruption, doping and hooliganism must also be the mission and aspiration of private security consultants, particularly in times of precarious sovereign resources.

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  • Exposed Families

    Security concepts need to remain flexible and tailored in accordance to individual differences in the areas of history, culture, structure and risk exposure of each wealthy family.

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